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Amian - My new friend from China, Amian. Gritty, drawings with a punch to your gut delivery. Check out his blog, and art.
Ann Telnaes - A wonderfully nice person and a very talented editorial cartoonist with a beautiful style. Pulitzer prize winner in 2001.
Brian Eno - Musician, producer, collaborator, started with Roxy Music, and later broke new ground with the Talking Heads, My life in the Bush of Ghosts. Genius.
Calexico - My favorite band. An eclectic sound. Always experimenting, always changing, surf, southwest, spaghetti western, gypsy. Gotta see them.
Camille Paglia - My favorite columnist who tells it the way she sees it.
Dave Coverly - A great friend and cartoonist, this is Dave's website. His syndicated panel, Speed Bump is found in all the newspapers.Dave likes music.
David Byrne - The most creative musician during my lifetime. The Talking Heads changed my thinking of music, and his solo work continues the parade. One of a kind.
Dean and Britta - Frontman for Galaxie 500, and Luna, Dean Wareham and the beautiful Britta Phillips make wonderful cotton candy on acid love songs. Loved Luna.
Fishstiks - A daily cartoon by Kevin Pope. Edgy and weird... join the team. Read it everyday.
illogator - Illoz's little step-brother site. Products, prints, original art by some of the best artists and illustrators working today.
illoz - A great site dedicated to wonderful visionary artists working today. Brainchild of Robert Zimmerman, or Zimm as he is known in our world.
Lin Wilson/Funnelinc - Twelve side by side Cummins diesel engines and one windmill power Lin's design company, based in Madison, Wisconsin.
Mad magazine - The official website for Mad magazine. The usual gang of idiots, the usual gang of friends.
Outburstweb - Let Chris Bayliss design a brand new you. His web skills and knowledge working with creative folk separates him from all others...
Ralph Steadman - Sir Ralph. The best illustrator and artist on the planet today. A big influence. Met him in 2006. Nice guy. Don't mention politics. Look at his art.
Stan Ridgway - The mastermind of Wall of Voodoo, Stan now pushes the musical envelope creatively with Pietra Wexstun. His official website.
Terry Sirrell - A good friend from my early days, and a very talented cartoonist. Check out his site!
The National Cartoonists Society - The National Cartoonists Society website.
Toonfest - A magical festival saluting Walt Disney's boyhood home, in Marcilene, Missouri. The organizers are truly wonderful. A must.
xplane - The visual thinking company. Plain and simple. My good friend Scott Matthews, a talented illustrator and designer, is the Creative Director.